Our Team

Lauren Kropp

Managing Director and Senior Consultant – Gold Coast

When it comes to Property Management systems, procedures and trust accounting, Lauren Kropp is at the forefront. Lauren has almost 20 years’ experience in all facets of Real Estate business operations.

Her understanding of Real Estate business operations ventures further than just managing people, properties and accounts. Lauren also excels in systems and legislation support. For three years she worked as a Product Manager for a leading trust account software company where she was a key player in the development, enhancement and marketing of its real estate program together with a subsequent role providing system support and national training for clients and their staff.

As the Membership and Business Development Consultant for the PPM Group she was resource, mentor and support for national members who had legislation and system difficulties and disputes. Lauren has a wealth of experience in the real estate industry, including property management, management rights, office administration, business and trust accounting, relief management, human resources, payroll, accounts receivable and payable, operations management and rent roll acquisitions.

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Ruby Nicolia

Recruitment Officer and Property Management Associate

Ruby is not only the backbone of the business but also a Property Manager and has a passion for the industry. Ruby’s customer service skills are second to none. She prides herself in her attention to detail and efficiency and will not finish her work day until every last task, phone call or email has been actioned.

Ruby has been with the business for over two years and was one of Real Strategix first temps.  Ruby has proven herself to be a dedicated team member and advocate for the Real Estate industry. Ruby goes above and beyond in that if one of her “temps” is ill and cannot complete a day if routines etc are booked she will place herself in that office where possible to ensure that the agency is at no disadvantage.

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Monique Hamilton

Accounts and HR Manager & Property Management Associate

Monique began with us 12 months ago as our senior routine inspection officer who was and still is responsible for training our junior staff and upcoming inspection officers. Her precision, friendliness and thorough routine inspections are what makes her shine above others as she demonstrates what is necessary to complete a legislative comprehensive report your landlords will appreciate.  Monique has knowledge in Console, REI Master, REST, Property Tree and Property Me and can also assist your Property Management Department with PMA tasks including leasing, maintenance, invoicing, ECR’s and routine inspections.  Monique has recently begun her new role with Real Strategix as Accounts and HR Manager and we are very excited to have her on board in a more permanent capacity.  Monique will also assist ANY team member when necessary in any department.

Barbara Geoghegan


New Resident Manager Consultant

Barbara has had 14 years’ experience in Management Rights in both a family Permanent building and her own Holiday building and industry wide Permanent buildings. Prior to Management Rights, Barbara had a business in Management Consulting and Team Building in large organisations. Consultancies included two consultancies to the government of Taiwan in policy and training and development. Other clients ranged between large government organisations and small to medium sized businesses.

In the Management Rights field, Barbara discovered through personal experiences as a new owner of a holiday building, a big gap in support available for new managers.  Specifically, in the area of systems and processes which when implemented make the business run to its optimum standard.  Barbara now specialises in training and supporting new managers to help them in the confusing and sometimes difficult early days and until they’re settled in to the business.