Lions Are Not the King of the Jungle In My World

What is it about power that makes people so egotistical?


Being a trainer in the corporate world I have seen a lot of Management positions given to people that are barely out of High School. They may have worked in that field part time through High School and therefore earnt their accolades with time spent at the company. They may have done a three-day course and the title Manager appears in their newly recognised certificate of recognition.


Once a person is in a position of power it is as if our brains tell us to “act superior to those beneath you” in the chain of command.

This is exactly how the jungle works. The chain of command. The little bug gets eaten for breakfast by the big scary dominant Lion. This absolutely appals me that it is how the majority of people live their lives.


I was at a convention earlier in the year and as most conventions do there is generally a night of recognition. Recognition for all the achievements over the past year. I am highly devoted to recognise people for doing truly amazing things BUT I am not into recognising the same people over and over again. The “little bug” who has achieved self-confidence, who can now step out into the world after being in an abusive relationship for a decade and can now lift her head high when she walks down the street rather than hide under a baseball cap for fear of what others think of her – these are the people that need to be recognised. This is by far a greater achievement than any dollar value represented in sales.


Why is it that Corporate entities do NOT recognise the biggest transformations? I do not mean transformations in appearance (unless of course the lady with the bruises has managed to kick the dirt bag to the curb) but recognise those that have NOT given up through all that they have been through. Why not recognise those that want a better life for their family and those that show up EVERYDAY still knowing that the company they work for will continuously recognise the people that make them the most money. Those are the people that are genuine, honest and loyal.


Those are the people that I want in my corner every single day of the week over the power-hungry Lion.


During that convention, a colleague was one of these people who was called onto stage and he didn’t want to go.  He is not a fan of recognition or the lime light but I kept telling him to make sure he went up to receive his award.  He asked me a question “why is it so important to you that I go up there it is not your award?”   My reply was that he was doing it for the “little bug” to show that while he may be in a lion’s den he is so totally deserving of that award.


He worked his absolute hardest for his wife and 2 sons this past year and while yes, he did make his agency a lot of money but in doing that he kept food on the table and petrol in the cars every single week.


What absolutely appalled me and left me speechless (yes can you imagine that) and really got me thinking was a few incidents that I was witness to. I began to notice how the human ego has a pack mentality and will only surround themselves with other Lions who can make their shiny mane seem even shinier. If you look closely within the pack you will also see what I refer to as “meerkats” super cute and they pop their little heads up and follow the Lions every command. In the jungle and flowing into reality, I do fear that these meerkats will one day be eaten by the Lion.


It is one thing to have an ego and think that you are brilliant, but it is another to belittle someone because you do not think they are worthy of being in your presence. In this day and age I would have hoped that the “Lion eat bug” analogy was kept in the jungle however unless people start to speak up and “take a win for the little guy” we will continually be bringing up our children with this insane mentality that the big guys always win.


No they do not nor should they. Why aren’t you worthy? Why don’t you deserve it just as much as the nasty mean old lion standing on the cliff face? Why are they more dominant than you? You must truly know your worth and believe in yourself and then you will be the little guy standing on the stage staring down at the big bad lion and giving her a good old wink from high above.

Lauren Kropp – Real Strategix