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Real Strategix offers a wide variety of services to accelerate all aspects of your Real Estate and Management Rights business.
Contact us today to find out how we can improve the performance of your department and implement the necessary processes to enhance your business’ success.  We will coach your team in the procedures and processes to ultimately build your bottom line wealth. Real Strategix also offers staffing solutions that can take the pressure off your team being overworked if you are short staffed for any reason.


Temporary Recruitment


When you find yourself in a bind and require a short-term staffing solution you may like to consider our Temporary Recruitment Services. Real Strategix is able to assist your business in providing quality staff when you need them.If your property manager wants to go on holidays or your receptionist falls ill and will be off work for a few weeks this can create undue stress and extra workload pressure for other staff members. Our database comprises of experienced candidates who possess in-demand skills in the Real Estate Industry and are readily able to fill the void when your business is experiencing an unexpected surge in demand.

While we do not offer permanent recruitment solutions we do offer a “try before you buy situation” if you wish to employ one of our temps direct.  This basically means you can trial them as a temp for a short period and if you are both suited you can pay a referral fee and keep them! Please enquire for more information about these services.

Property Management Consulting


Our consultants are available for onsite visits to your Property Management Department and will advise you of the best way to streamline the Department to make it operate more efficiently. We can assist with systems, policies and internal procedures or provide appropriate training for better use of major trust accounting programs. Our consultants have worked with OFT in liquidation cases and are available to assist in similar situations or you may just require an audit compliance check to ensure you are operating within legislation.  We also offer MYSTERY SHOPPING – what are your staff telling people when you are not around?  Are you wanting to change to a pod-based department from a portfolio managed one  – we have the tasks and tools available to assist you in doing this.

BDM & Social Media Marketing Package


Don’t have the time to create your own images for social media content?  We can customise a marketing package to suit your particular office needs. Real Strategix can supply a BDM package that can assist ANYONE with ease including KPI’s, startup guide to BDM and social media content and plan to follow.(7-28 images available for purchase – starting at $149 plus GST)

Property Management Content

back (1)Why not have our marketing team design a Property Management Prospectus customised specifically for your agency or provide you with two marketing leaflets of your services ready for print.  Not quite sure what to include in your Department KPI’s, purchase a template from us!  We can also provide you with social media content and imagery to keep your pages interactive and fun


Manage it Right

manageitrightDo you want to Manage it right? Real Strategix has developed a step by step system for Resident Unit Managers and Real Estate offices.  Manage it Right comprises 4 checklists for procedures such as tenant moving in, tenant moving out, tenancy renewal and end of the month. We have also included 28 letters and 16 forms that relate to all aspects of running your rent roll efficiently and in line with current QLD legislation. This is a perfect tool for new Property Managers or those wanting to organise and streamline the operation of their business.  No ongoing monthly fees.

Upgrade to….Manage it Right Pro

This system includes all of the above plus comes complete with labelled folders and stationery for day to day property management procedures. We will also assist you with your office layout for best practise and organisation.

Property Inspections


Do you need a property inspector to carry out scheduled routine inspections?

Have you had a leasing consultant resign or your rent list is 3 pages long and your Property Managers’ need assistance.

Real Strategix can fill this gap to allow your Property Managers time to focus on managing their portfolio. We don’t just turn up to collect the keys and the IPAD and leave to do the routines, Real Strategix Property Inspectors are authorized and Insured to then perform the tasks of a “temp” and can return from routines/viewings, upload the IPAD, schedule maintenance and assist in the office.

Real Strategix can offer a temporary or permanent solution for your business. Please contact us for a quote.

Trust Account Pre Audit


Be Prepared with Audit Support – The time of year is approaching when you are expecting an audit on your trust account. Real Strategix have developed a Pre Audit Check. A ‘beat the auditor’ look at your trust account and related systems. We will carry out a thorough assessment of your reconciliation reports including unpresented payments & adjustments and assist you in rectifying any abnormalities or balancing issues. We will also take a look at your procedures for electronically filing and archiving the documents that the auditor or OFT may require with only a moment’s notice. Our team is experienced in the major trust accounting software programs.

Management Rights Training


Purchasing Management Rights is extremely overwhelming. We have consultants that can come to you and assist with the day to day processes of Property or Resort Management. We can structure systems that will generate a hassle free working environment and can overview your current policies and procedures.

Our consultants are trained in Property Management legislation, trust accounting, end of month, business bookkeeping and can implement the strategies that will assist you with running your management rights business like a well-oiled machine.

Resort Relief Onsite Management

couple-on-beachIndustry Recommended Professional

Real Strategix offer a relief management program of over 20 relief managers that are fully registered, insured and compliant in managing your resort/complex while you take that well-earned holiday with the family. Our relief can assist for short day relief if you are taken ill or long periods of time if you wish to travel. Real Strategix has a trustworthy reliable team fully trained in all facets of Property Management and major trust account software programs. You will still have the opportunity to meet and select the relief manager that is best suited to your needs before making a final decision. You have the control, we simply find you the BEST!

IMPORTANT – If you are seeking your own relief managers please make sure they have Professional Indemnity Insurance so that your building is not at risk.

Staffing Solution Consultation Service

Book a consultation with one of our team members to discuss how much a temp or relief manager could cost you, what tasks they can do and should do, and some tips to improve your business growth – For only $110 plus GST


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