Take your Principal on a lunch date? What? Why?

As a Property Management consultant, I am “in your face”. Those that have had the “pleasure” of dealing with me know I say it how it is and want you to do the same. We cannot solve a problem or be more productive and enjoy our jobs and service both landlords and tenants if we hide behind masks.

When I am brought in to your office by the Principal I come in guns blazing. Not in the “do it this way or it won’t work” scenario but the “tell me what is going on and why you think it isn’t working”. You are there day in day out – not me. I can only look at reports and KPIs and look at your systems and see what I think should change to improve productivity, but your happiness and job satisfaction will not improve just because I implement systems. You need to improve the way you look at things and if you want things to change – you need to make them change.

Sometimes we simply cannot talk to our superior for fear of being ridiculed or having our job jeopardised but there is a way to approach this. Instead of waiting until you hit boiling point (and Property Managers – I know that you know what that is) and having a screaming match, calling the PMA useless and storming out how about a simple discussion “out of office”.

Many Principals get territorial and if they are being questioned about the running’s on of their “baby” they will as human nature get defensive. The same way you as a mother would be upset if someone told you are breastfeeding or raising your child incorrectly. If you ask your Principal for a lunch meeting to discuss the Property Management Department and that you think you have a few ways on how to improve productivity and SAVE MONEY (Principals…you know you love that – I am a business owner too and those are my 2 favourite words) doesn’t that sound far more receptive?

From my 20 years’ experience, I can see that staff members are starting to do me out of a job which honestly is all I want as that means the industry I love so dearly is finally running as it should and team members are being proactive which means HAPPINESS!

We are at work more than we are with our family. We place so many temps in offices due to staff walking out. I am called in to help sort through systems and help teams “survive” staff walkouts.
How about we as a Property Management community decide to have a chat about it and if it is bashing your head on a brick wall you know you have done all you can and maybe it really is time to move on…we have your job covered with temps!!!

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You can’t put a price on a smile

Lauren Kropp – Director Real Strategix.