Is your Relief Manager Compliant?

Finding a good relief manager is difficult, finding a great one is rare!  I will ask you this, how much is your business worth in the hands of someone else?

When we receive a phone call from a client requesting a relief manager and they ask how the process works, the one thing I am always upfront about is – “you will not be 100% satisfied as I guarantee they will do something incorrect” – this generally gets a gasp down the phone but I then explain the reason behind it is simple…. “they are not you”.  You have run your resort for a number of years and generally have it operating like a well-oiled machine, it is extremely difficult for a relief manager to sit in your seat for a number of weeks and be able to carry out the day to day operations as you have done for a number of years.

A GREAT relief manager will generally grasp your buildings operation by the end of their contract and will therefore be GREAT the next time you book them!

A relief manager MUST have Professional Indemnity Insurance – this is so very important.  You have worked hard for your holiday all year, you do not need a relief manager coming into your office and be heard giving incorrect advice, completing legal documents (RTA forms etc) incorrectly, banking figures not matching or simply providing false information to guests/residents.  If they do not have Professional Indemnity Insurance DO NOT HIRE THEM.  Think about the consequences if any of this happens.  For a Relief Manager to get Professional Indemnity Insurance means they have met all of the licensing and insurance requirements, if they do not have it you need to ask yourself ‘why not”?

This brings me to Public Liability Insurance– The relief manager (QLD) should operate under your public liability insurance which you need to confirm with your insurer.   Many policies will have a clause written in for “temporary contractors” if yours does not, you need a copy of your relief manager’s public liability insurance certificate or simply adjust your policy to include contractors working under your license.

I have invested a lot of time and money into ensuring we are 100% compliant and would like to pass on the information to you as advised by the OFT, our solicitors and insurance brokers.

  • Relief Managers and temps are not defined in the current legislation. There is not a list of what they can do but only a list of what they CANNOT do as advised by OFT.
  • In QLD for a relief period of over 30 days if the licensee is leaving the building, you (the resort) must apply with OFT for a Form 11 – apply for substitute licensee (the relief must also sign off on this form so you need to know who you are employing first).
  • You must have written approval from the Body Corporate if you act as licensee and leave the resort/complex in the hands of relief.
  • Contractors, where they are performing real estate functions, are considered by section 98 (2) of the Act to need to hold a real estate license/registration (again this states what they can do – leasing and rent collection is just some of them).
  • Routine inspections – this one totally surprises me but a temp/relief does not need to hold a current real estate salesperson certificate/license as long as that is the only task they are performing. (i.e. – Real Strategix operates a Property Inspection service where one of our relief/temps purely does routine inspections however if that relief was also managing the rent roll/bookings they do need a license/registration)

I cannot stress enough in making sure your relief manager has the correct insurance and licenses to be carrying out the work that you have asked of them.  You have asked them to run your resort/complex in full capacity as per Body Corporate regulations.  They cannot do this if they are unlicensed/uninsured.

Please seek your own legal advice as the information written above was given to me so that I can ensure that my business operates ethically and is legally compliant.  It may cost you $20 – $40 per day more to employ a company such as Real Strategix but all of our relief managers are fully insured and are of the highest standard due to insurance regulations.

Please don’t hesitate to email me if you have any further questions or would simply like a quote