Real Estate Agents Are Like Used Car Salesman

Do you hate it when you hear “You are just another real estate agent trying to rip us off?”
We are so focused on the negative in life that all we talk about are the people trying to “rip us off, not paying their bills, they didn’t sell my house or the Real Estate agent that committed trust account fraud.
Does this mean this is you? NO of course it does not. I take this personally and it really disrupts the industry. We hear it so many times that Real Estate agents are in the same category as used car dealers…. why is this classed as a negative though? I couldn’t afford my own new car until I was in my 30’s and I was a business owner driving a “used car”? These salesmen helped me they did not hinder the process. However, I did not leave them a good review, did I? I bet the guy that bought the used car that blew a head gasket 1 week later wrote a terrible google review.
At Real Strategix we offer “temp” recruitment only – we do not do Permanent placements, it is not a field we wish to ever get into however we get thrown in the same category as we are in fact “recruiters”. Within the industry now Permanent recruiters have a terrible reputation, again not all of them, I know some fantastic ones however the same thing happens to us. Certain recruiters are placing people into Property Management jobs WITHOUT the relevant license/registration. This literally blows my mind. I am hearing so many stories of late like this or they are simply placing “just anyone” to try and get the role filled. Recruiters if you are reading this-this is NOT OK.
Coming from 20 years’ experience in Property Management and consulting if you place “just anyone” in an office that is in dire need of assistance you will make the situation worse for the agency, forget your commission and consider how hurtful this is to the agency. This is then a ricochet effect – this “unregistered” staff member becomes the one that gives the Real Estate agency the bad name that we then see on the news.
I am certainly not saying that these circumstances are in all cases however I am trying to make you see the rolling effect it has and to remember how you feel when you are labeled “a shonky real estate agent” or “an egotistical Property Manager with no compassion” so please don’t judge all recruiters the same.
We are here to help you and put our temps through an extensive skills test and cross check all licensing requirements. We will not send you “just anyone”.
If you like a business or service – leave a review on their Facebook page or a google review. Facebook now does not have the 5-star review system anymore they have “recommendations” this is a great tool to showcase your business as when a client leaves a review it also appears on their timeline.
Food for thought – stop judging and speak of the “Good” business/service.
Lauren Kropp
Director – Real Strategix