Thank You Anyway

They are simple words that some might think is just common courtesy but as a Recruitment Manager that spends 30% of my job prospecting and cold calling, I can tell you, it’s no longer what I consider ‘common’.
When out and about prospecting I walk into a Real Estate agency and say politely while smiling “Hello, I am Ruby from Real Strategix and I am wondering if I can leave something for your Principal and Property Management Department.”
Having personally worked in Property Management I do understand how busy everyone is so I actually don’t like to ask for the Principal to speak with as I feel that is an imposition on a day to day running’s of an office without an appointment.
The most common answer is “We’re not interested in any services’”.
Sometimes surprisingly, I am the only one saying” Thank you’ or “Goodbye” while they stare me out the door. Firstly, the receptionist doesn’t even know if the brochure comes with doughnuts or something of great value or if it is a business offer. They don’t wait to find out. I too have been on reception and know the pressure on reception staff to not allow their team to be disrupted by “sales pitches” however not all walk-ins are demanding to speak to the business owner. Naturally, it is not always Reception staff so please don’t think I am directing this at you as I have had similar occurrences with the Office Manager or even Principal themselves who have been in the reception area.
It should be a common human courtesy to at least let someone tell you what they are selling or offering before you jump to conclusions?
It is now water off a duck back to me having done this for 3 years and if I was to let the unpleasantries stop me then I would almost never have clients to assist. 90% of the offices that wouldn’t let me give them information to keep come back to me months or sometimes days later themselves and ask about our services and ask to meet me for information. When I happen to mention that I dropped into their office numerous day’s ago, they are almost always gobsmacked trying to track down who was at reception to reprimand them.
I understand that sometimes cold calls and drop in’s can be time-consuming for staff, but as a receptionist being front of the office, first impressions and treating someone in such a way, you would likely second guess renting your investment through that agency 10 years down the track due to the experience you had. I’m certain if I walked in as an investor I would be treated with a gold standard but why shouldn’t the same respect be given to all equals?
We all have a job to do at the end of the day, and showing respect to those around you, and treating them and speaking to them how you would like to be spoken to, would make the world a slightly happier place, for all the cold callers, receptionists and even Property Managers.
By the way, I will shortly be looking for my own family home and so will many other “prospectors” coming to your office… for thought.