What Exactly is a Property Management Consultant?

When I am asked the answer is simple, a person who assists you with your Property Management Department.  That is such a ridiculously broad generalisation and needs to be addressed with greater thought.

Did you know a Property Management Consultant does not have to have their Property Management Registration or Cert 4 in Training and Assessing? They do not have to have ever worked in the industry.  The simple reason is that they are a “consultant”.  A consultant is a person who provides expert advice professionally.

I would never have dreamed of specialising in a role and give expert advice to someone and had not completed what I call the “minimum” requirements of any consultant in our industry and I feel like I need to address it.  This is purely my view and not governed by legislation.

  • 10 years operational experience as a minimum
  • ALL aspect training (reception – senior – trust accountant – Business Management)
  • Technology
  • Personality and training in how to overcome objections, how to liaise with customers and staff members.
  • HR training

Do you think a Doctor finishes their qualification and the next day cuts into someone’s head – “NO” they are not a brain surgeon.

It literally baffles me why a person would employ a gardener to cut down 20-metre-tall trees or get a dog groomer to de-sex a dog.  That just wouldn’t happen – you would call in a specialist of all areas pertaining to the task at hand.  A person that can place themselves in ANY and EVERY aspect of the business they have been brought into to assist and in turn give the client 100% quality service.

Time and time again, we get phone calls to “consult” in an agency to which we are told that they found a friend of a friend that can assist them for less than half our price per hour.  What are you ALWAYS told when negotiating management fees – DO NOT negotiate your worth?  If you want superior service pay superior fees.  If you want a monkey assisting your office … pay peanuts.

Sure, we have lost many jobs by not negotiating as have you no doubt with both Sales and Property Management fees but I will NEVER negotiate my worth, knowledge and joy that I bring to the industry of which I love and have worked so hard for, for well over 20 years.   50% of the consulting jobs that we have “lost” to cheaper competitors with only 2-5 years’ experience do eventually come back to us admitting their error of judgement.

This really hits home for me when I think back to the times that as a Property Manager I would not negotiate my fees and sure enough six months later the landlord came back to me after realising the agency they had in fact given their property to was not licensed with the OFT.

Think carefully before handing your agency over to someone that may not have the qualification that you require to help achieve profitability and productivity of your department.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing your own due diligence on any consultants as you would an employee as ultimately, they will be the ones implementing new strategies and changes to your business, your livelihood.