Will Your Job Soon Be Replaced?

It seems that everyone has a side business these days.  Whether it be another part-time job, a “hobby” on the side or an investment into crypto currency.  Multi-Level Marketing seems to be taking over the world as is cashless payment systems. Who would have thought you can scan your mobile phone to buy the groceries or that a ridiculous number of millionaires have become such as they sold a weight loss supplement to a bunch of friends, who sold to their friends and so on.

Real Estates have been doing this for such a long time which has been unknown to many clients. Most sales people are on ABN, therefore, making them a contractor and not an employee.

Although I specialise in Property Management consulting this article is relevant to all areas of Business.  Many of you may have been trying to fight this and stick with the old way of thinking being; let’s not outsource and keep our jobs in Australia or that is just a silly pyramid scheme or the latest being how can I buy something with money that is not physically there?  It is time to stop fighting and move with the times. I fear you will, unfortunately, lose the battle.

I have noticed a ridiculous amount of difference even with the technology we have to run our businesses, we don’t even have to leave home now.  If we have a sick day we can work from our mobile phones via the “Cloud”. 5 years ago, a cloud was a puffy white thing in the sky now it is an unknown information hub where our data sits – seriously who really knows what goes on in the Cloud?

With the ever-popular outsourcing and the Cloud I have a feeling it is not very far away that Robots will be doing our work.  That may seem far-fetched however they have them in bars and on cruise ships, in labs and warehouses. I bet if you were told a few years ago that you could swipe your mobile phone at the checkout you wouldn’t have believed me.  I feel it is time we need to all start investing in multiple income streams for when we are made redundant. If you were replaced tomorrow by a robot what would you do? I know what you would like to do but financially what would you do?

Food for thought…….

Lauren Kropp

Director Real Strategix

(plus a MLM company and crypto currency investor – just saying)